Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in the groove....

It has been a very long year. Some think that may mean a bad year, but it is not at all what I am trying to portray. It is just a year... of learning and more discovering who I am. (Do we ever really get there?)

Well, THE BIG NEWS!!! I am a GRANDMA... or as it is known to my grandbaby... I am Grammy! I thought it might bother me to be called Grandma... am I really that old? However, it doesn't bother me at all. The name Grammy is cute and it is fun, yet if I am called Grandma, that is A.O.K with me as well.

SHE is a doll baby. She smiles and slobbers and giggles and she bites. YES... she bites... she just bit me yesterday. She flashes me a grin afterwards and somehow it feels like all is well in my world with a throbbing finger with bite marks in it.

Bella Jo fits beautifully in my world... our world. She is loved by all who meet her. She is precious and I am just in awwwww I have a child with a child. She is a bald little princess that is slowly but surely getting a few curls here and there. She has people wrapped around her finger. She is a fashion diva and a heart stealer. She is a Bella Bean, Ms. Green Jeans, Bella Boo, Pee Pee Butt... Silly Jr Sis, Puddin Pie, Sweety Petey, Pumpkin Pie... need I go on? She is my daughter's daughter, and even as I write this, I tear up over that fact. My off spring has an off spring. WTHeck???? Where did my moments slip off to? But most of all, she is a miracle, as all children are. She is a child of God... and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Her Uncle Taylor makes her laugh. It makes me smile seeing how although his autism rules his world, he loves... and he loves her... and she adores him. My heart fills with pride and affection at this very fact. I am blessed. Carlie... for six years old.. she is the best Auntie around. Can you imagine? She is so dedicated to loving Bella and being a kind Auntie. They will grow up like sisters I am sure. There just is nothing wrong with this...

So Here it is... a new chapter to life as I try to start my blog again with all of my thoughts... and my life to share... blessings in your lives.... Wendy

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