Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uncle Bubby...

It is funny to me that his pet name as a brother lives on as an Uncle.

One thing in our home that is true, is that my children always have pet names. More than you can count.... tons of pet names. They are fun and cute and the kids loved them. Yet, there is one that stuck with Taylor. His sister's called him Bub... or Bubby, or Bubby Boy.... Bubs... You get it.... Bub! It is so fun for me to see that he refers to himself as Uncle Bubby to Bella. It makes me laugh and smile and it warms my heart.

This was a fun day that we had at Red Robin. Bella absolutely loves him. He is AWESOME with her.

The other day, on Father's Day, we took their dad to dinner. It was so cute. Carlie looks at her brother and said, Bubby, can I get a huggy from you. You could see him melt. He had posture, and was doing his best to act like a man, yet when he heard those words, he melted into the little guy that lives within as a young man living with Autism.

He amazes me.

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