Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just add water...

Living in Salem Oregon... most all year is made up of .... RAIN... from late September/ early October, until late May. I personally love rain, so it does not bother me in the slightest. However, Oregonians, TRUE Oregonians, wait for the sunshine. This year it took forever for the rain to stop and even when it did, it was cloudy... we stressed a lot about Ms. Amanda's baby shower as it was scheduled for outside. SOOOOO... it went from rainy, to hotter than sin in a matter of days. So rapidly.

Carlie is my water baby. She has always loved water. When she was little, other than the first couple of times, she loved her baths... She recently at the ripe age of five has graduated into showers. But none the less, water... and she loves it.

To beat the heat since the rapid change, I have taken her out and sprayed her down to cool her off. We have no air conditioning and it is miserable in here. We aren't supposed to turn on the air... so we are left roasting. Most of the time it is easier to just take her somewhere to keep her cool... so we go to the mall... we go to lunch... we go to the grocery store. Ha... When her dad comes home each night after he does his walk, he has taken her out each night to let her run in the sprinkler. She loves that 15 minutes of bliss playing in the water. Absolutely loves it. We sat outside the other night and watched her frolic and have fun. She just makes me smile.

Yesterday, since the pre school has been closed for the teacher to go on an Alaskan cruise, I have had Carlie home with me. It means when I get down with my grave yard shift, I catch two hours of shut eye, and then get up and get her out of the house to escape the heat. Yesterday, I took her to Riverfront Park to play in the water fountains. She adored it. It is funny, she is pretty shy when meeting new people... but when she warms up she is so confident. It is fun to watch her with this.

We played there for only about an hour and a half or so.... I used going to go and get her new shoes for school as a way to pull her out of the water, as she didn't want to come. Ha... a girl and her shoes. We had a great day. I took her to her dad's office to surprise him. Always fun to do such little things as they do count. I still had to get things done and cook dinner etc... so... our day was cut shorter... but... it was a fantastic day. We had lunch at the mall ahead of time.

Her real element of the whole day however, is when she was at the park in the water. She loves it.

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