Thursday, May 20, 2010

57 Days to PURE HEAVEN... girls weekend

There are many things I am blessed for in life. Family and friends. THE BEST KIDS!!! Loving to look back and seeing I am still standing, not always strong, but STILL STANDING! What could be better?

It is also exciting that I live near one of the most beautiful coastlines. It is so nice to drive over, if even for only a day and spend the day at the coast. I take that for granted at times I suppose. There is nothing like smelling the ocean and having the sun on our face, and shoulders with my toes dug in the sand.

This summer I get this and MORE! I get to have a great group of gals that are going to be joining me at the coast for the weekend. Some I have known since grade school. One I have known since Hawaii. One I used to share a locker with in high school. Some that I have recently gotten to know through other friends. Some were Shadle Highlanders and some were Mead Panthers. One used to laugh at me often and would get me to do silly things such as rub hot pepper in my eye (a hot pepper from our teacher's plant) so I could get out of class. (I did this for months). I am so excited to spend time with them and just getting away from it all.
These photos are actually from nearby Newport which is about a 20 minute drive from Lincoln City where we will be staying. Still... this is the coast. I plan on driving into Newport for a couple of hours on one of the days. I will squeeze it in... as it is a fun little town and I have great memories here... with many friends that have joined me and my family. PS.... Mo's is a kick and don't listen to people that think any different. I have always had fun there... cheap food that is relatively good. They karaoke there on the weekends and the DJ does a great job... he has a great voice too.

I won't be crabbing this time... although I love to go crabbing. It is so relaxing. I love to do night crabbing out on the dock when it is more private. You hear the fog horns... and the sea lions swimming around trying to get my crabs out of my nets. You hear the waves in the bay crashing against the rocks. I have had great luck at night crabbing too... mostly because there is not a lot of other nets out so crabs head to your bait instead of having to choose where to go.

I am sure that there will be salt water taffy and caramel corn bought sometime on the trip. The caramel corn has nothing on Paula... (her recipe packed 10 lbs on my rear this winter I would say with much reluctance to admit).

We are going to have wonderful food... and a lot of great memories of our girls weekend on the coast. Did I mention that our house has a hot tub... yes... a hot tub. AHHHH... and our house is a six minute walk from the casino and about two blocks from the beach. We are going to be spoiled for sure.

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