Saturday, May 22, 2010

The best shimp dip...

One of the greatest inventions by man is......... CREAM CHEESE! I can't get enough of the stuff... and you will see it in my home at ALL times. All of my family (with the exception of Amanda, and she is picky about sooooo many foods...) loves seafood as well. So this is one of our favorites. I first had this in the eighth grade when my Aunt Linda took it to the Lilac Parade on an outing with my folks... NO KIDS allowed... yet, she sent the left overs home with my mom. I think it is best served with wheat thins, yet, I think wheat thins are the second greatest invention by man... maybe.

Enjoy this recipe.

Easiest and best shrimp dip.

2 80z pkg cream cheese
1 can of olives drained and chopped
1 can of tiny shrimp drained
3 green onions or scallions chopped, greens only

Mix all ingredients and serve with assorted crackers... OR... WHEAT THINS... pure heaven. If you want to be lazy and have a kitchen aid mixer, I don't even chop the olives. I just put them in and turn it on high with the whisk and it chops them while it mixes the dip for you. From time to time I put a dash or two of pepper sauce in it... just to get people dancing!

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