Monday, May 24, 2010

Smiles and Miracle Mondays...

Time for a blog hop on what made you smile!!!! Many people don't like Mondays... ***Capeesh*** so I thought Mondays would be a good day on our new blog for others to post either a photo or perhaps a blog entry they ran across this week that they would like to share. We all need smiles... and the more we share the better we feel... so go ahead... share your smiles with us today. And for me I will add some photos I ran across last night while looking and clearing some old photo cards getting them ready for the coast.

We teach our kids that *Ohana* aka *family* goes beyond blood lines.
These photos make me smile as Carlie has grown so much in the past year. These are some special people in her love line, Ohana.
Scott and Car and a spring function at the college. Nicole teaching Car new tricks... hah... caught again. Sabrina and Carlie playing... Carlie is Sabrina's mini me I think. Carlie with her third favorite guy (after her dad and brother) Kevin... (she still thinks she will marry him one day. HA We still laugh to hear her say it.) Car and her Auntie Terrie (Carlie's Godmother and a spectacular woman and nobody will ever take the place of her kindness and caring she shows Carlie). and Carlie with her good friend on stage at the luau. She pulled Carlie on stage to hula last year and this is her telling Carlie she won the contest. So precious.

So give me your smiles from last week. It can be articles... or posts... or recipes... Can't wait!

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  1. Love the name of your blog. Thanks for being such a loyal commenter(sp). I hope to have more time to cook some of those amazing recipes... Talk to you soon.. hugs Pam