Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrating Friendships and Passions... please join us...

My name is Wendy. I know that I am pretty blessed by the friendships that I have. A lot of my friends, I have had since grade school. That is sometimes difficult as I am so far from them now. (Thank goodness for facebook).

I realize that many times in my life, it is my friends that help me through most of my struggles by just listening or being supportive. It is like having a bunch of sisters. I love my kids dearly but can't tell them all that I tell girlfriends. I take different things from each of them. They each mean something different to me... and I love that as well.

Come on the journey of friendships and love... of our passions. Bookmark us and come back OFTEN. We each will be sharing different things with you. You are always welcome here... pull up a seat and lets get down to business. The ladies will be introducing themselves and what they hope to contribute to the table. You will see yourself in at least one of us... perhaps a little bit of all of us.


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