Friday, May 21, 2010

Ah.... graduation time...and a craft to do...

This is what I started with....

This evening Carlie and I are going to a graduation party for her pre school teachers son. I met her teacher, Ms. Diane (fabulous lady with the kiddos and kind to people... very active in our community) through an autism group she had years ago... well two years ago. Her son, is autistic as well. She really put a lot of time and energy into the groups and would have guest speakers to come and talk to us about autism. Cory Dunn was one of the speakers and was Brilliant. Anyhow... tonight is Devin's Bday and graduation party. I am glad we get to attend. It is very touching. He is a very sweet young man and she has done a very good job with him. She is going to glow with pride. Anyhow... not knowing what to get him... I thought I would make him something. I took a class on this long ago... then taught classes on it. I have 90% of this done but will need to get a photo of Diane and her son tonight and, one with him and his friends... and I will add them. For tonight... he gets it like this... and he will get the finished project on Tuesday. I wanted to show you before I add the photos to protect his identity.

This is an altered canvas frame. It is something to hang on the wall. It is hard to find boy colors when it is not your own boy. I have made one for Tay in the past with waves and surfboards... but not for someone elses teen.
mixing paint...
Picking out paper


I picked out the word LOVE and Story.... as we all need to be loved... and we all have a story. I antiqued the words... to make it match a boy theme of colors.... We are slipping a $50 in the little envelope. Hope he enjoys. Tell me what you think but be gentle.

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  1. This turned out cute. Wow that time of year already. Now that my kids are past that age I forget about grad time. Have a good weekend.