Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh My... some of the reasons I love to blog...

So I started this particular blog to post recipes. I will continue doing so... I am a bit behind. Some people have been bringing some dinners over helping due to Gordy's surgery... so I miss cooking so much... but I did cook a couple of things over the weekend that I will be posting. Then next week we are on our own again and I can get some more recipes posted. You all know *I LOVE ME SOME COOKIN* ha... and great recipes to collect and share. So, I get lost in the blogs... I go to one and find someone on their page... then move to another... and so on and so on... so that just keeps me hopping all over the place.

However, I have also ran into some fantastic decorating blogs and... GASP... giveaways. So today I went to a site of a lady who has great patterns for little girls clothes, boutique clothing for your little angel. With that in mind, I saw she was giving a pattern to one of her (she being Little Lizard King who supplies the pattern) BobbyPinsBoardwalk. The give away itself is here and.... also... stop by Little Lizard Kings to give a look... her things are A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E!!! When I showed Carlie the little dresses and outfits, she said, GOOD STUFF MOM. Ha... from the mouth of babes. I need to go dig out my sewing machine and find my serger so I can start teaching myself how to do some of this... as I am determined to have Carlie to wear some of these outfits when she starts school.

I will add more give aways as I find them. I need to find more... I need to do one myself with scrapbooking items I have on hand that are from my left over inventory. I am just not sure how to do one.

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