Thursday, June 17, 2010

Planning a baby shower....

I have thrown many a baby showers, yet the one that I am about to throw soon is so very exciting. I can hardly wait. We are about to throw a baby shower (Spencer's mom and I) for Miss Bella Jo, and Miss Amanda... (my daughter... my oldest... one of the ones that makes me laugh the very most.)

I keep scouring for the perfect salad recipes.... one that will leave people ooooooooooing and awwwwwwwing. I looked and found the perfect cookie recipe.... cake has been ordered... as Amanda ordered it from someone she works with that is supposed to be fantastic. Entree is planned and plans are in place for it.... on my way to look at cups and plates tonight... get little favors ready... buying tulle... making plans on what to put the strawberry lemonade in... so much work goes into these things. Perfect gift planned... etc...

I was sitting and thinking... take the decorations away... take the food away... take the gifts away. What a lovely event of people coming to show their love for my daughter. What a gift and blessing that is to not only her... but to me. I am proud of the daughter has been raised. I am proud of the child that is about to be my grandbaby. I am proud of the accomplishments her mommy has made in life. I am proud knowing she is going to mess up from time to time in life, yet, she has the strength and courage in life to pick herself up after those mistakes and carry on with life. She will do what it takes to be a good mommy... and she will love that grandbaby of mine with all of her heart and soul.

For now... the baby shower will be wonderful... but for always... I am adding another girl in my life that will own a piece of my heart... right next to her mommy's spot, Auntie Carlie's spot, and Uncle Taylor's spot.

Miss Bella Jo, we are so very anxious to see your arrival and hold you. The party will last for a couple of hours... but you, little princess will be in our hearts always....


  1. I am sending you over to StoneGable to look at the bridal shower she put on. Here is a link to part I, be sure to look at part II also for more ideas. I realize it's not a baby shower, but her recipes are really tasty and might give you some ideas.

  2. Kristen you are sooooooo sweet. Thanks so very much.