Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OMGAWHD!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT??!!!!!

Today.... of all days... the one day I do not have my camera with me. UHHHHGG... so people may make fun of me... but... this is why I usually have it with me. Today, I FELT BELLA JO KICK ME. I DID!!!! NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. I was just so very blessed!!!! SO SO BLESSED. I knew I would be happy. I knew I would feel giddy inside... yet... I didn't think I would cry. OMGAWHD.... Today I felt my little princess kick even though I didn't get to hold her in my arms.

I kind of feel like those ladies for the Macy's commercial where they have their face pushed against the glass and they repeat to OPEN OPEN OPEN! They are having to be patient for the store to open. That is how I feel. I want to hold her and kiss her and smell that smell of baby shampoo and lotion on her. I want to see her wrinkle her nose and curl her toes... and stick out her tongue. I want to kiss her cheekies... and burp her and hand her to mommy and daddy when she poops... HA. Most of all, I want to close my eyes and hear her mommy sing to her, with the wonderful voice that God gave her.

Bella Jo... I can't wait for you to make your enterance. I can't wait to see how Auntie Carlie and Uncle Taylor react to you. I can't wait to see the excitement on everyones face... but mostly... I can't wait to hold you sweet Bella Jo.

More than sand, more than the stars... and bigger to than the moon. That is what I have always said to my babies (your mama, Uncle Taylor and Auntie Carlie) about how much I love them... and you will hear it from me too.

Till then sweet Bella... sleep with angels... tomorrow is going to be a great day. (Something I also always said to your mama, Uncle Taylor and say to Auntie Carlie)

~ Grandma, Mamie, whatever you want to call me.

~ I want to see you with your mommy and daddy, holding you... such an exciting time.


  1. What a sweet post. How exciting to be getting ready for a grandbaby. New life, new experiences, new miracles.

  2. Awwwww thanks! I just keep thinking about it... she is so precious already.