Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some things just remain the same...

From the beginning of time there have been famous duos. Cane and Able... Laurel and Hardy, Fred and Ginger, Fred and Barney, (yet I liked Wilma and Betty better... such better feet than Fred and Barney), Samson and Dalilah, Mickey and Donald, Romeo and Juliette, Milley and Vanilly... (BIG GRIN THERE) Tequila and Margarita mix, Coors Lite and Bloody Mary Mix, OOOOOOOPS... SHORRY... going to get back on track here...Sonny and Cher, Bonnie and Clyde, Abbott and Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Jack and Jill, Dick and Jane, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Casper and Wendy, and who could forget Scooby Doo and Shaggy too?

When you think of one, you automatically think of the other... that simply is the way that it is? Why do we do that? Do we not see one as an individual? I have pondered that often. I have thought about why? Are they not important enough to be thought of on their own? Certainly that is not the case... as Jelly is flibbin fantastic on Blitz pancakes!!! Nothing compares... yet, when jelly is with peanut butter, it just is so good. It is just so fantastic. They just compliment each other so well... and well... they are familiar with each other... everything about each other. Jelly certainly knows that on days peanut butter wants to be smooth and creamy... to be able to impress all the jellies on the block. Other days, when feeling fiesty, peanut butter may want to be, a little chunky to add a spark into everything. Well... the same can be said for jelly. Somedays it would like to be raspberry with seeds, and so very good... yet, on days, a little marmalade to add some zest and zip into the picture... Ya know what I mean?

Khrystyn.... I am sure until the end of time, people will not spell her name correctly. That has always been and that will always be. Who needs change? Khrystyn is probably the sweetest woman of all times. Seriously she is kind and has no harsh words for or about ANYONE... EVER. That is just who she is. I met Khrystyn in high school my senior year and instantly loved her. Not sure how that came about as her first words to me were... You have a picture of Brent, how do you know Brent? Brent was my boyfriend who was then at college. After telling her, she let me know she had dated him as well. With that in mind, I am a tad bit on the jealous side with the people I love. Again, some things never change. Yet, within two or three days... Khrystyn Holmes and I were... Locker buddies. Yes, we became fast friends. She was funny. She made me laugh. She ironed my hair in singles living. We used field trips and school projects as our own personal time to have... girl time. We got into trouble by posting NAKED men in our locker. We felt if boys could have NAKED women in their lockers, we should show we were game with naked men. Somehow we got in trouble, yet they did not. Go figure. I was used to the principles office so it was OK! I just knew when I got home, there was hell to pay.

Kara Walker! She's got these eyes that shine. When she smiles, you can just see her soul... her heart is easy to read. She like KDAY has a wonderful and caring heart. In the last couple of years, she is... well... it is hard to describe. I have rocks in my life. Kerri is my rock for knowledge for my son. My kids are my rocks as they ARE my life. Yet, she is a rock in a way... yet, she is also more like... my light house. When I am treading water trying not to drown in memeories that are hurtful or when I try to swim for shore, and I am falling short, I know a text... a call a facebook in box to her is just what my soul needs. She gives me what I need at the time. Sometimes a kick in the butt... in a soft manner (my butt is big, it could take a swift kick...), or a gentle word that surrounds me to get me through the day. I didn't know Kara really well in school, other than I knew she was Khrystyn's best friend. Kara left the school in 84, while I got to hang with KDAY a year. It was evident however, that the friendship and love these two shared was something special. Something that many people will never experience.

All these years later, (we graduated four years ago)... OK OK OK.... we graduated 18 years ago... UHHHHHHHHH.... the truth? We graduated 26 years ago... and these ladies are still the best of friends. When they are together, they are so themselves. They haven't aged. They still laugh and giggle. They still support each other through lifes ups and downs. You know... I don't think Kara has ever once told me of a life down, other than her son leaving for the military and being deployed. She grabs life by the horns and she just rolls.

I sit in amazement at the love for each other that these girls have. I have a feeling someday they will live in double wides next to each other. Actually I think that they will live in one together... and have their John's live next door, so they can sit up laughing, painting their nails, drinking margaritas and making strawberry, jello and marshmallow kabobs until the wee hours of the morning not to disturb their Johns.

They are strong independant women. They each are fantastic mothers. They each love their kids and make a good life for them. They have the gift of laughing at life in the face when it hands them lemons. They are each one. They are singular. YET... when they are plural, they are so natural in a friendship that has faced so much in life, TOGETHER... as one.

I sit in amazement and am blessed that these women have taught me much in life on their own, yet, on a friendship that will reamain til the end of time.

I love you both... with all my heart, you both bless me in so many different ways...

So let it be known... there is another great duo in my book... Kday and Kara... Better than salt water and taffy together. INSIDE JOKE...

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  1. Woman have always been the pilar of our society.Mama's:)Cherish the friendship it is like a rare juweel that you have been fortunate to find.
    Oh yes and as to the couples:Don;forget Tomatoes and Basil;)